Social Media Posts Vs. Blog Posts: Which Is Better For You?

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Social Media Posts Vs. Blog Posts: Which Is Better For You?

Businesses and Online Content Writing Services are busy in producing engaging and sharable content as well as original at the same time. This content tries to catch up with the attention of the audience with a specific state of mind and a convincing tone to cope up with. But the question arises where to post it either the social media or a blog post. If you have a similar question then no big deal! You have successfully entered the list of thousands with the same thought. If a person is looking forward to sharing some valuable information or opinions publically they can use both, the social media posts as well as the blog posts.

Blog Posts Vs. Social Media Posts

These two platforms seem similar but have a thin line of difference between them. The blogs would not promote any sort of competitiveness. As whenever you will post a blog post under your blog, the prior blog will also be yours and the current too. Thus, blogs bow the seed for nourishing a stronger community. While, if we consider the social media posts, you might develop a larger community quickly and they might engage well apparently. However, this larger community bucket has a lot of holes in it as well. By this I mean, that each of the thousands of followers is usually following other thousands as well. Due to which, they are less likely to engage or even see your social media posts every time. Also, social media newsfeeds and timelines remain flooded with numerous and constantly changing updates. Also, obtaining a large number of following on social media platforms is a piece of cake. In fact, fake followers are much easier to obtain on social media platforms. Comparatively, getting fake subscribers for a blog post is a bit challenging.

Which One Is The Great Pick?

Blogging and social media posts both have their own charm. As aforementioned, blogging will assist you in nourishing a stronger community where social media will bring in a larger community for you. It’s mainly a quantity versus quality when we compare social media posts with bog posts. But whoever adds the right formula wins the contest. You can even opt for an online content writing service to do the honors. Moreover, scroll down for some tips and tricks to create a formula that befits your brand perfectly.

If it’s a social media platform than get your hands on some:

  • Photos or videos

It’s easy peasy to develop interaction with the people. Show them some tutorials to tell how things work, or add a picture to let them know about your vacations and you’ll see that they love to pour in their experiences as well. Your photos or videos will talk to them and you can, in fact, enjoy some user-generated content by planning efficiently.

  • Sneak Peak Post

All sorts of short-form content come under it. Let’s say customer feedback, the screenshot of a review, fun fact, tip of the day, or a picture shared by clients after using the product and a lot more.

  • Crack A Joke

In the messed up daily routine, everybody loves to top by and enjoy a good joke. A goofy video or GIF lining to your business would be a great theme to attract your audience.

And if it’s a blog then you must post:

  • Business relevant information

A company blog can be loaded with plenty of information relevant to the industry or business itself. A blog works as data storage of valuable bank of information that serves as a consistent resource for the business. If a product function is to be communicated, one can design a step by step tutorial and post it under the business blog. If you have gone through some interesting facts or statistics about your business convert it into a blog post and post this factual piece of information for the user’s preference. Want to share your product story or how a product worked like wonders for one of your customers? Just type it all within a blog and here you go! Your customers will not only read through the complete script in one go, if they found it interesting they might wait for your next publication and also share it.

Now if this much of information is a bit challenging to be catered in one go; no worries! Just hire an online content writing service and let them take charge of your content.

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